The city of Talisay, Cebu recently started its Trade Fair on December 15, 2022. Located on the Talisay City Hall Grounds, it is the second trade fair held in the year 2022. The first one was held on June 17, 2022. But unlike the first trade fair which only lasted for three days, the second event will last for 15 days until December 30.

The second Talisay Trade Fair features various stalls of businesses of industries situated in Talisay City promoting the city’s growing business and commerce. Most of these stalls are food stalls so you will never go hungry in the event.

The other non-food stalls found in the event are of the retail and services industry. You will find anime merchandise, bicycles, event services, and vehicle services.

The trade fair also features various events on certain days. On December 18, our team was happy enough to witness another cosplay event organized by United Cosplay Central, a first concept for business trade fairs in the island of Cebu.

The cosplay event featured the attendance of over 100 cosplayers and around 70 participants for the cosplay competition for the enjoyable day. You will see cosplayers walk around the Talisay City grounds. You can take pictures of them and with them if you ask them nicely.

The cosplay competition included three categories: kids cosplay, armor cosplay, and clothe cosplay. Cosplayers strutted and pose to define the anime character’s persona on stage.

While the competition was briefly interrupted by bad weather, it didn’t stop the event from continuing on and announcing the winners of the competition during the evening.

The special events end in the evening, but you can still enjoy going stall to stall if you haven’t had your dinner or go to the plaza and be dazzled by the various illumination and stroll around the wide open space.

Talisay Trade Fair is organized by the Talisay Chamber of Commerce, Trade, and Industry Inc.. The fair starts from 9am – 12 midnight.