Cebu City will have its first ever Ball Drop and Crown Rise new Year’s Celebration in South Road Properties (SRP), and the best part: IT’s FREE! The event will serve as the beginning of the Sinulog Festival events for January next year.

The first time event will be located on the street spanning from the Cube Wing to the Seaview Wing of SM Seaside mall. The start time will be 6 pm December 31, 2022 and ends at 2 am January 1st the next year.

The event is organized by the Cebu City government headed by councilors Joy Pesquera and Joel Garganera. The event is inspired by other ball drop and crown rise new year’s celebration in other places such as New York and Sydney. The ball drop will be a symbol of Cebu City’s farewell to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the many activities spectators can experience are performances from local and national artist such as Cueshe and DJ Jennifer Lee, and, since it’s a new year’s celebration, a pyro musical display that will last 15 minutes. The fireworks will be fired on a barge located near the shores of SRP.

Security won’t be a problem as their will be 200 emergency and security personnel and emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances all around the area to provide immediate assistance. As a precautionary note, audiences can bring alcoholic drinks provided they are contained in plastic containers.

Bring your loved ones and friends now for a great night of celebrating the new year!