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Top Mobile Games You Can Play While on Quarantine

It can get boring if you just stay inside the house without doing anything but just lie on bed waiting for the day to end to kill time. It’s a good thing you have a smartphone because you can find a lot of fun mobile games with the clutch of your hand. Here are some…

4 Reasons You Need to Consider Resale Condo-units

1. It Can Be Lower than the Current Price There are some buyers who buy real estate properties during the preselling period at a lower price and sell them after the turnover at a conservative price which means they sell lower than the developer’s current prices. You may be lucky to find some owners selling…

What to do During Quarantine?

With the current pandemic going on, people’s normal lifestyle had changed drastically. To avoid spreading the Covid-19 disease, governments all around the world advised their citizens to stay at home. But staying at home can be boring 1. Learn New Recipes Staying at home can give us the opportunity to learn essential skills that are…

Where to Visit in Cebu during Christmas

Philippine Christmas is probably one of the liveliest and illuminating around the world. You can feel the Christmas season even if it’s just September. Cebu, being part of the Philippine islands, has one of the best Christmas celebrations you’ll ever see. Christmas is ubiquitous all over the island and these are the top places to…

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