Best Advice in Renting Condo or Buy:

Though building code has its own standard of the windows size for one unit of a condo, some common problems of unit condo owners are the air circulating in their room. Imagine you only have small opening windows and every day you are cooking from breakfast to dinner, what will happen?
As we know cooking leaves a smell in the room though kitchen it has it own rangehood most of the time it cannot solve alone.

Here are some thoughts and advice;
1. Select a room with a balcony if you can afford with your budget. Having balcony it gives more open doors and windows, hence receiving more airs.
2. Select a room on a higher floor as you will get more fresh air.
3. Select a room with wide open windows.

4. Select a room where kitchen near the windows.
5. Select a room with excellent rangehood.
6. Select a condominium that fit your needs. Mixing residential to commercial condominium most probably affect the design and architectural.

Having wide windows and enough air is coming absolutely you can save money on your electricity bill as well. Enjoy staying your Condos!!