Sugbo Mercado began on September 26, 2015, in I.T. Park, Lahug. Since then, it became Cebu’s most famous sought after night market. We got 4 reasons why Sugbo Mercado is the best place to go for dining on the weekends, and also on Friday nights.

1. A place for Hang-out on Friday Nights & the Weekends.

That goes especially on Fridays and Saturdays. You will definitely experience crowds of people, both local and foreign, as it has become the ideal night market in Cebu. Moreover, after dining and getting the satisfying meal people to deserve, there are other hang-out places all over IT Park. You can set down or lay down on the park, chat at a coffee shop, have some drinks, play billiards among others.

2. A place for searching New Local and International Food.

With Cebu having a growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry, workers from other countries are growing as well. To cater to their homesickness of their home country’s food, some stalls offer international cuisine. You can find Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Korean food and many more all in one place. Locals are very adventurous in trying out new food and love to eat what Sugbo Mercado has to offer.

3. A place for The Curiosity of Local and Foreign Visitors.

Cebu is one of the top places in the Philippines to visit by local and international tourist. As you visit Sugbo Mercado, you will most likely see local and foreign visitors. You can even dine in together with them and make friends with a live band playing music to heighten the cool ambiance this place exudes. Every visitor loves to eat something new here and this makes everyone curious.

4. A place for the “City that Never Sleeps”.

In Cebu, IT Park is tagged as the “City/Place that Never Sleeps”. Most shops are open 24/7 as there are lots of graveyard shift workers all over the park. Workers from different BPO companies will most likely flock the place as they can find varieties of food within their budget.

There are some shops already open at 5 pm and they close at 1 am. The peak hours will be around dinner time. By then, a live band will serenade both local and international songs starting around 8 pm until 10 pm. It will be hard to find tables especially Fridays and Saturdays during dinner time, so better come early and, most importantly, enjoy.

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