During spring (summer in the Philippines), many people flock to the beaches to rest and relax. While there are lots of beautiful beaches all over the Philippines, Cebu does not fall behind when it comes to sand and seas. Cebu is known throughout the Philippines as the tourist capital of the Philippines as most international tourists prefer to land on Cebu for the purpose of vacation in the country and, of course, people don’t miss out on the beautiful beaches it can offer. Here are the top five locations you can go while here in Cebu:

1. Kota Beach, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

Journey to the northern part of Cebu and take a boat ride to the small island of Bantayan. Here, you will marvel at the fine white sands of the beaches they can offer. This beach is considered to be the most popular as it was a feature in a Filipino movie called “Camp Sawi”. The most notable feature of this beach is that it’s shallow even if you go far from the coastline which makes a great picture of the island. There’s also a small lagoon in the middle of the sandy beach that you can enjoy lying on like you’re in a jacuzzi. I definitely recommend camping on the beach with your tent as you can see the awesome night sky.

Courtesy photo from KotaBeach Resort

2. Sumilon Island, Oslob

From Oslob, rent a small boat heading towards Sumilon Island. You will be in the only resort of the island called Sumilon Blue Water Island Resort. It’s a 4-star resort that can offer you activities like diving, snorkeling, fishing and many more. As you dive in this area, you’ll see the different species of fishes and you can even encounter some sharks if you’re feeling really adventurous. Don’t worry, the sharks are quite friendly and have not recorded to have attacked anyone in the past.

Courtesy photo from Cebu-The Queen City of the South

3. Basdaku Beach, Moalboal

Moalboal has a lot of beautiful beaches it can offer but the most popular amongst them is Basdaku Beach. It has a coastline of around one kilometer and you can do lots of activities within the beach like beach volleyball and ultimate frisbees. What’s great is that there are nearby food stalls and stores in case you get hungry and want to buy souvenirs. And the best part, they are open till late at night, You can also rent a tent but it’s best you bring your own since it’s free to set up one.

4. Logon Beach, Malapascua

Logon Beach is placed number 4 in our list, but if you’re a diver and want to see the local thresher sharks and manta rays, then this place is number one for you. There are many diving centers readily available for your needs. Restaurants can also be found nearby if you’re hungry after a long dive in the ocean. You can also do water skiing at the right price.

Courtesy photo from I AM A CEBUANO

5. Santiago White Beach, Camotes Island

Among all the entries of this article, Camotes is the farthest from the main island of Cebu. Taking a ferry boat either from Danao City or Lapu Lapu City, it’ll take you about an hour or two to get there. But you’ll definitely forget the stress of riding a boat once you see the beautiful white sand beach. Like Kota Beach, the shores are shallow which makes it friendly for kids if you want to bring them with you. Bars and restaurants are readily available nearby and you can even do karaoke until 2 am. If you want to play some basketball, the cemented court is just there for you to shoot some hoops.

Courtesy photo from Santiago Bay Garden & Resort

Cebu has plenty more of beaches to go to and these five are the sure ones that we can wholeheartedly recommend that you will really enjoy.

Prepared By:JM