Filipinos are generally movie lovers. Once a new movie comes up, there will be sure to be people lining up on the ticket stand. But where to go to ensure that you get the best movie experience? Here are the best places in Cebu for you to watch the latest movie:

SM City Cebu Cinema

If you like movies in IMAX, Sm City Cebu is the only place for you to watch your favorite movie in IMAX. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in the movie as you watch. There are also 2D cinemas if 3D is not your cup of tea. While waiting for your scheduled movie, you’ll wait in a spacious lobby which will not make you feel cramped from all the people coming and going. There are also massage chairs nearby for you to relax and wait. The cinemas have a capacity of 400-1000 seats. SM does have higher ticket prices compared to other malls but it’s well worth it with the quality and service they are offering.

SM Seaside Cinema

The second SM Cinema in this article. It has more options to choose from compared to SM City Cebu like the regular 2D, large screen format, center stage, and Director’s Club. The Director’s Club is a definite recommend as you get to feel the movie is exclusive to only a few as they only allow a number of people to watch the movie. You also get free popcorn along with your ticket. The large screen format has a capacity of 351 people. It uses Dolby Atmos Sound System and the best Christie Vive Speakers causing an immersive atmosphere for moviegoers. 

Robinsons Movie World

Robinsons Movie World is also a go to place for movie watching. Opened at the last quarter of 2015, there are a total of 6 cinemas for you to choose from with a capacity of 200. All cinemas feature the latest dolby ATMOS surround sound both in 2D and 3D. When booking your movie ticket, opt to choose VIP (Cinema 1 and 6). They give off a better movie experience with its large screen format. They almost have the same movie experience as the ones in SM Seaside but with a cheaper price. Plus, you get to have your own large and comfortable seats and a spacious lounge. 

Ayala Cinema

SM’s rival, Ayala is also included in this list. Ayala has five cinemas all in close proximity to the food court in case you get hungry before and after the movie and you want to buy snacks. Most people notice about its comfortable leg room, large seats (this is especially good for tall people), large screen format, digital surround sound, and you don’t need to go outside as the toilets are just right behind you making you not to miss much of the scene of your favorite movie. All cinemas are kept clean and tidy leaving you no worries about stains and trash left behind by previous moviegoers.

SM Consolacion

SM Consolacion, the third SM entry, provides only regular 2D format, but the best thing about it is that it is located in Consolacion, a town. When you watch movies here, you get to experience like you rented the whole theater seeing as there aren’t a lot of people in the area compared to the city. While it has only 2D, their surround sound is on par with other 3D cinemas of SM. It currently has four cinemas for you to choose from.

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Prepared By:JM