With the current pandemic going on, people’s normal lifestyle had changed drastically. To avoid spreading the Covid-19 disease, governments all around the world advised their citizens to stay at home. But staying at home can be boring

1. Learn New Recipes

Staying at home can give us the opportunity to learn essential skills that are right for the situation. One of those skills is cooking. Obviously, we humans need food to survive but it can be bland eating the same thing over and over again especially since, nowadays, canned goods are the popular choice to buy in case the situation becomes dire. So to excite your boring quarantine, why not make something new in the kitchen?
Too many canned sardines in the house? Make noodle soup out of it. Still, have all-purpose cream? Make a sumptuous dessert out of it. To get you started, here are some websites you can go to become your very own household chef:

Courtesy photo from allrecipes.com

2. Grow Your Own Garden

It’s difficult to go outside and do the groceries with the risk of getting infected while doing so. So why not produce your own food? If you have space, you can grow your own garden and grow food all on your own. But if not, don’t worry. There are plenty of plants that can grow using pots in small spaces such as tomatoes, beans, lettuce, peppers, etc.. Just don’t forget to take care of them every day and you’ll have fresh produce growing around your house.

3. Find a Work-at-home Job Online

Since the quarantine started, many of us are left jobless and have no income to gain which can be problematic especially if we have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Fortunately, there are many ways we can earn money online. Whether it be freelance, project-based, or part-time, the internet provides. Here are some sites that have a secure and trusted job platform:

Courtesy photo from jobs.workingsolutions.com

4. Plan Out What You Will Do After the Quarantine is Over

While this might be considered getting ahead of yourself, it actually motivates yourself and gives hope for an end to this crisis. Positive thinking leads us to avoid negative thoughts which can cause panic, stress, and anxiety. Think about the places you’ve never been to and the plans you were supposed to do. It motivates you to not take it for granted again in case another crisis happens and you have something to look forward to someday. So chin up, and write down those plans in a piece of paper.

5. Learn Skills That You Couldn’t Do While You were Busy with Your Normal Life

Lots of people are saying they can’t do anything now because of being quarantined. But if you think about it, you have all the time in the world at your disposal. So why not pursue something that you wanted to do but couldn’t do because of your work, school or other responsibilities? Think about the time you were planning to learn programming but couldn’t. Well, you can do it now. How about learning foreign languages. You can even learn from yourself through reflection and meditation. Or how about doing your own vlog by using YouTube, Tiktok and other social media platforms where you can start sharing your talents. Who knows? Your video might become trending and create profit for you in the long run. There are so many things to do, you just have to find the motivation to do so. Also, always be kept motivated to stay fit by doing exercises every day. It will boost your immune system and might lower your chances of getting severe sickness.
Whatever you may do in our current situation, please stay safe and follow health experts’ guidelines to avoid infection. If you have some things you want to add, give a comment below and let the readers know of your wonderful idea.
Prepared By: JM