Cebu Ocean Park Opens!

On August 24, 2019, Cebu Ocean Park finally opened to the public. Currently, on its soft opening, the much-awaited ocean park gave us a glimpse of what it can offer. It is said to be much bigger than Manila Ocean Park. Let me tell you what you can experience around the newly opened park.

There will be balloon arches that will greet you. It’s nice for picture taking.

Your tickets will include a complimentary photo shoot as one of the first people to visit the park. Also included in your ticket is the Bird Show (I will get to that later). I am not sure if they will still give out certificates, but on the first day, they were distributing them.

Written on the entrance sign is the sentence “Your Journey Starts Here!” which can encourage you to take your adventure forward.

You will be greeted with a staff holding an alligator on the first tank. He will let you pet the alligator which had really rough skin.

There are birds that freely flew above. Of course, both small, medium, and large fish are present.

The next area will be indoors where it is fully air-conditioned and also showcases different species of fish, eels, and anemones.

Going outside, you can find sharks, stingrays, and starfishes.

The food stalls are also located in this area, in case you get hungry or thirsty from all the walking. There are some small computers for you to use and get those pictures taken by the photographers in the park.

You can get inside and you will find a huge crocodile.

Also in the area is the hallway where you are underneath the aquarium.

In another area, you can find the theater to watch underwater shows. There are no shows yet, but you can have fun watching different species swim by and the divers feeding the aquatic creatures. There is also a small souvenir shop on the side.

Check your tickets to know your scheduled Bird Show. The birds are quite entertaining. They will show you their talents in raising a flag, putting balls and rings, identifying shapes and so many talents you need to watch personally. They also have a snake on the show The show will be only 30 minutes but it is enough for you to enjoy. You can also take pictures with the animals. Note: The line can long so have the patience or just go to other attractions if you don’t have much time.

There is also a big souvenir shop. You will have more choices here than the small one near the theater.

Close to the souvenir shop is the restaurant named Gusto (note: not associated with the one that was located in Calyx, IT Park). It’s a Singaporean restaurant with different Southeast Asian cuisines. I would definitely recommend you dine here before you’re going to end your Cebu Ocean Park adventure. In Philippine restaurants, it’s common for the waiter/waitress to take the money from us and give it to the cashier. But here, you will give the money directly to the cashier after you finish eating.

There are some attractions that you can do that you have to pay extra. These are:

Crocodile Cage (Php 2,000) – you get in a cage and get dipped into the tank with a large crocodile.
Fish Spa ( Php 100) – dip your feet on the water as little guppies take a nibble on your skin.
Swim with the Stingrays (Php 1,000) – as the name implies, you will be swimming with stingrays.
Sea Trek (Php 1,200) – you’ll wear a diving helmet and get the chance to swim around while surrounded by different marine animals.

Since this is just the soft opening, not all the facilities were available and there weren’t a lot of sea creatures to look at. But here’s the great part about buying tickets in August and September: you get to use them for a second time around in October or November. By that time, the ocean park will be in its Grand Opening (which will be on October 1) and all, if not most, facilities will be available for the public.

So I hope you come and visit and try the new experience here in Cebu. I hope you enjoy!

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Entrance Fee: 600 pesos on weekdays, 800 pesos on weekends, children below 2 feet are free
of charge.
Parking: You can park in SM Seaside or the streets near the park.

For inquiries and bookings
Telephone number: (032) 888-5288 ext. 805, 804
Location: SRP right beside Pedro Calungsod Church and behind SM Seaside.

Taxi: Just tell the driver to go to Cebu Ocean Park. If they are not familiar, just tell them SM Seaside.
Grab/Angkas: Search Cebu Ocean Park
From the airport, you can ride a MyBus going to SM City, then ride a MyBus going to SM Seaside
If you are in Talisay, Park Mall, Fuente Osmeña, you can also ride a MyBus going directly to SM Seaside. (Note: Fuente Osmeña MyBuses are free of charge.)
Jeepney: ride any jeep that has the number 08, 09, 10, 41, or 42 above the Jeep. Drop off at Mambaling Elementary School or the corner of C. Padilla St and the street going to SRP. Ride a Habal-Habal (motorcycle taxis) or Angkas (it’s much cheaper if Angkas) to Cebu Ocean Park.

Prepared By:JM