Go Cebu Grand Expo and Exhibit has recently started their event in Ayala Mall. The event is to showcase the multiple Proactive, Collaboration, Sustainability initiatives, and Technology Development businesses throughout Cebu and the Philippines. It aims to motivate, inspire, invite, and challenge Micro Small Medium Enterprises and top businesses in the areas of Information & Communications, Tourism, Technology/Business Process Management (ICT/BPM), Creative Industry, and Entrepreneurship.
Located near the entrance, you will find real estate developers famous throughout Cebu and the country displaying their outstanding projects and properties within Cebu such as Arthaland, Filinvest, Ayalaland, etc..
If your goal is to find the best leisure and amusement Cebu has to offer, representatives from Cebu Safari, Danasan Eco Park, Anjo World, and the many well-known hotels in Cebu will give you exclusive deals only found in the expo.
If you are looking forward for something to buy, there are businesses selling their top notch products. These retailers are mostly Cebu-based so you can find them also in other places BUT the expo provides a limited discount, promos, and prizes so much better to take advantage right away.
The food industry in this event provides different services. For example, the M. Lhuillier Group of Companies is giving you a chance to own a franchise of their business. If you want to sell street foods, Seamaster Food Products Co. will give you a wholesale discount if you buy their products in bulk. Cloudkart customizes your gift baskets right on time for the holidays. If you get hungry walking around looking at businesses, Clara’s French Crepe is noticeably the only business that sells food in the expo yet will not disappoint you with its deliciousness. 
There are also various businesses that provide their services. Some of the services that are provided in the event are brand marketing, pest control, sanitary testing, and delivery services.
The businesses in the financial industry will provide you with the utmost service on loans and time deposit savings such as the lending app Zuko and Sun Savings. You can also inquire about their other services.
The dominant and most likely industry that you will see first in the event is the IT and Tech industry. Most of these IT and Tech companies cater to businesses so if you have a business and want to tech up on handling your day-to-day production, then these companies will be a great help to you.
There are other businesses that are unique among all the businesses in the Go Cebu Expo. BizHero is a company that will provide a directory of all businesses including the SMSEs in the island of Cebu through their website. MataTech gives us the pleasure of seeing the tourist spots of Central Visayas through its website by using 3d imagery. Emottoons Studio are making animation for movies and also provides their services for businesses if you need animators for marketing your products. Qualfon is the only BPO company in the Cebu Expo that is hiring employees.
Aside from the various businesses in the event, the stage also provides talks regarding different topics relating to managing your business. They include well-known businessmen and speakers in different industries so it would be a great chance to listen when you are in Ayala. The event ends on Sunday November 6, 2022 so don’t miss this chance.