Gmall of Cebu has finally opened on December 1, 2022 in North Reclamation Area. The mall is located on the former site of White Gold Club. 

The new five story mall was greeted with much glee from people of different places. This is the first Gmall in Cebu and the Visayas by DSG Sons Group, Inc. of Davao. The company was founded by David S. Gaisano, a surname all Cebuanos are familiar of because of the prolific Gaisano malls and Metro department stores and supermarkets found all over the island of Cebu.

Once you enter the mall, you will find two giant Yakult bottles greeting you.

You won’t get easily lost inside as there are signs that will point you to your  desired destination.

If you have been to the Gmalls in Mindanao, you will surely notice that the upscale interior is a semblance of its Mindanao counterparts. DSG Sons Group, Inc. makes sure to make your mall-going fancy and luxurious.

Currently, there are only two stores that are open – G Store and G Market all owned under the Gmall banner.

G Store is the mall’s flagship department store. It currently operates on two floors. The first floor consist of various men’s clothes, items and accessories while the second floor consist of women’s wear from head to toe. They will open more floors in the future soon.

G Market is a spacious supermarket located on the basement floor. It has a wide selection of groceries for your every day needs. It is one of the biggest markets you can find in Cebu.

The food court called Eats is located on the left of G Market. It has a number of stalls already selling various known Filipino food brand. 

The mall is still on its soft opening so there are still areas inaccessible to the public and commercial spaces to be filled. But once everything is ready for the grand opening, customers will have various options to choose from so look forward to that.

North Reclamation Area is looking to be the mall area of Cebu in the future with SM City Cebu, Robinsons Galleria, Gmall, and the soon to come Ayala Gatewalk just within closing distance.