Ayala Central Bloc has a new food event called Bite Sites. It showcases Cebuano food entrepreneurs of their unique, delicious, and mouthwatering products. Held at the activity center of the mall, 15 businesses participated and set up their stalls for eventgoers to order and dine. We highlight some unique finds in the event.

From the nearest to the entrance, Hermidalo Scoops sells affordable yet delicious unique turmeric ice cream. They currently only have the mango turmeric ice cream but the one flavor can already satisfy your cravings for Filipino ice cream while not worrying about your health.

Next stall is Buching’s Empanada De Ilocos. If you have been to Ilocos and miss the taste of their empanadas or want to taste the Ilocos version of Empanada, they exactly have the right flavor for you. Check on their menus to see their affordable choices starting from 50 pesos.

Fancy some Korean street food? HxN Goodies has the right selection for you. Your choices ranges from lobster balls, horse claws, mozzarella corndog, king crab chunks and so many more. They also sell some chocolates if your sweet tooth is craving for them.

If you want to eat pizza solo, Mamita’s Pizza by the Slice is just right for you. Their Truffle and Cheese, and Chicken Pesto pizza are a definite recommend.

Lemonest sells a wide variety of lemonade flavors. One unique drink that catches the eyes of customers is their Black Lemonade. Don’t be fooled with the black coloring, it’s uniquely delicious and has the right acidity.

Looking for some sweet crepes? Mille Crepe by Kari has a whole menu of crepes that will not disappoint your palette. Their crepes price range are around 250 pesos.

Mameng’s Kitchenette’s Chinese Lumpia is a top seller among their customers. Aside that it is healthy, the taste gives you that scrumptious feel. They also have other Filipino food products for sell and they also are good to eat.

There are more unique food stalls to visit so grab a bite and enjoy the heartfelt food innovations from local entrepreneurs.