We value your condo property! These brokerage ads are available to condo-owners only, who want to sell, rent, resale or assume their condominiums. We also welcome advertising for searching condo properties.
Please see below the details, prices and terms of these services;

Type 1: Text Only Style

Basic information of the property and includes your name and contact information.
Price 1A: Php 150 / 30 days 


Type 2: Photo/Banner Style: Only 1 photo you provided:

Basic information of the property and includes your name and contact information. Choose our default banner sample below!
Price 2A: Php 300 / 30 days 


Type A:

Type 3: Slideshow/Gallery Style (up to 5):

Basic information and your desired information to add to the photo/banner. (1 property per 5 slides)
Price 3A: Php 500/ 30 days


Add-on: Special Top page ads with additional fees:

Price 4A:   Additional Php 150 for Top 1 to 3 Ads Slot.
Price 4B:   Additional  Php 100 for Top 4 to 6 Ads Slot.

Terms & Conditions!

  1. You agree that all information you sent to us are true and correct.
  2. You agree and accept the standard size, standard information in the photo ads, payments and duration.
  3. You agree that every time we accept new ad applications, your ads will be placed at the bottom starting from slot no. 7.
  4. You agree to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Conditions.
  5. You agree that if we will have new rules, services, and policies we will post here w/o prior notice.

Text or Call us at 0943-487-6467 for more questions.

NOTE: Please note, to avail of this service your property ad will only be posted/listed on our Marketplace Page. To list on other pages you may also leave a message HERE!

Submit your Ads in 2 steps!

Step 1. Secure your Payment!

  • Decide what type of ads including Type 5 (add-ons) if you want to avail.
  • Send your Payment to our GCash Account 0917-770-5658 (Ramil B.) or scan the QR code.

Step 2. Submit your Ads Details!