When January comes, that always means the Sinulog Festival is coming soon for the Cebuanos. Since 1980, the very popular festival that attracts millions of people has been considered the festival of festivals in the Philippines. Cebu becomes livelier than ever when the event comes. But take note, the festival is not only celebrated on the third Sunday of January, but there are also different activities in different dates and places.

Osmeña Circle Sinulog Street Fair

There is always a Sinulog street fair starting December 1 until January 31. You’ll find different Cebuano products from all over the province. So if you are looking for some souvenirs then this would be a great place to visit.

Sinulog Fun Run and Dancing Competitions at Cebu Sports Complex

The first Sunday of January is officially considered as the start of the celebration and activities. If you are a fitness addict and want to participate in a friendly marathon, then the Sinulog Fun Run is for you. If you are interested in dancing, then watching dance competitions in the Abellana Sports Complex sounds like a fun place for you.

Cultural Shows at Plaza Independencia

There are many different cultural shows during different dates at Plaza Independencia. You’ll see traditional dances, songs, acts and historical interpretations of Cebu’s rich history. Sometimes, there’s a concert from a local band to display local Filipino music.

The Day before The Grand Parade

There are many activities just the day before the Grand Parade happens. You can watch the Fluvial Parade at Pier Uno at six in the morning where many boats adorned with different decorations in celebration with the festivities. There’s a singing contest on Plaza Independencia if you are interested in hearing the beautiful voice of Cebuanos singing. If you want to be dazzled by lights in the sky, then come to SM City Cebu for the fireworks competition. Contestants come from all over the country so expect a competitive contest and amazing fireworks.

The Day of The Grand Parade

Of course, last and not least, the main event. The Grand Parade will start from Cebu City Sports Complex to Imus Avenue. Then, it will turn to General Maxilom Avenue until it reaches Osmeña Circle and goes back to Cebu City Sports Complex again. In the Complex, there are the finals of the Sinulog contest. So if you want to stay in the venue for some heated competition then you’ll have the time of your life. SM will also continue their fireworks display. You can experience these events both in SM City Cebu and SM Seaside.

Since Sinulog has millions of people watching, expect Cebu City to be really crowded and transportation routes to be limited. I hope you come and visit Cebu. Have fun and Pit Senyor!

For Sinulog 2019 Schedule and Activities please visit their official website, Click Here

Courtesy Photos from Sinulog Foundation Official Facebook Fan Page

By: JM